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Here at our hospital we try and promote awareness of medical issues that could affect your pet’s health such as dental disease, tick borne diseases, fleas, the importance of annual checkups and more. In an effort to help offset some of the costs of these common and routine medical situations from time to time we will run sales and specials.

Below you will find our current deals along with details about specials we’ve run in the past. Typically, we reach out to our clients about new specials by email and/or postcards. If you haven't already provided us with your email address please do so you can be kept up to date on all the latest deals and news.

Thank you for choosing us to be your pet's healthcare providers!


Important Article : How We Can Help You Control Vet Care Costs



25% OFF Dental Cleaning Packages
until the end of March

It's time for some Spring Cleaning! We're excited to offer a 25% discount price on routine dental cleanings until the end of March. Our sale price is $249.08.

Book your appointment early, as this is one of our most popular specials
and we often run out of room! Call us at 415-897-8380

We are also offering 25% off of the cost of IV Fluid Therapy along with the dental cleaning. If you choose to have us place an IV Catheter and give fluids to your pet (or if it is required by your vet because of your pet's age or underlying medical condition) the sale price is $110.66. Another service we recommend along with anesthetic procedures such as a dental cleaning is Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork. Generally, this is optional but sometimes can be required depending upon your pet's age or underlying medical condition.

Regular dental care is a crucial component to your animal's health. Gum inflammation and tooth loss can be very painful for your dogs and cats and costly to treat, but they also can lead to more serious conditions, including damage to the heart, lungs and kidneys.

Our routine dental cleaning package includes:*

  1. Pre-anesthetic medication
  2. Anesthesia
  3. Thorough oral exam while under anesthesia
  4. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning above & below the gum line
  5. Teeth polishing to discourage future plaque build up
  6. State of the art monitoring
  7. Fluoride application
  8. Antibiotic injection
  9. Attentive & caring nursing care

*PLEASE NOTE/FINE PRINT : 25% discount does not apply to the fees for extractions (if needed) or preoperative blood work (if required). Be prepared to consider IV Fluids and Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork along with the dental cleaning - usually these are optional but can sometimes be required. Also, please be aware that once your pet is under anesthesia we may find bad teeth that may require extraction/oral surgery and this can significantly affect the price. If you have questions regarding any of the afore-mentioned items, please ask at time the appointment is made. Pets that have not been examined in over a year will also require a physical exam for an additional $58.75. As always, we happily provide written estimates.



Refer A New Client and Receive a $20 TCV Coupon

It's easy! At their first visit, just have your friends or family mention they were referred by you and we'll email you a thank you and a $20 coupon which can be used on subsequent visits


Cold Laser Package Deal

Buy four (4) sessions and get one (1) session FREE - Save $63.50!


Acupunture Package

Buy five (5) sessions and get $25 OFF - Save $5%!


Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitoes, oh my!

Did you know that a flea can bite your dog or cat 400 times per day and lay up to 40 eggs in your house each day? Just one flea bite can cause an allergic pet to itch for weeks. Ticks can spread diseases such as Lyme and cause local skin infections. Mosquito bites can spread heartworm disease. Sometimes it feels like our pets are under attack! When ticks, fleas and mosquitoes are upon us take advantage of these deals to help you protect your pets from these pests and their diseases.

Amazing Rebates are Available when you purchase your flea, tick and heartworm products from your vet and did you know that we usually meet or BEAT many online pharmacies? We have some wonderful products for fleas, ticks and heartworm prevention:

• We have a great new and more effective Frontline product called TRITAK. It’s used the same way as Frontline and is much better at killing fleas and ticks.

• We offer Trifexis, which is a great, once per month, oral pill that protects against heartworm, fleas and ticks.

• Another great oral pill that protects against fleas and ticks is Comfortis

• In addition to oral pills and topical drops we also offer the Preventic collar for dogs for those with heavy tick exposure.


Amazing manufacturer rebates & deals right now…

On HeartgardPlus, Frontline TRITAK, Comfortis and Trifexis. Call for more info.


Did you know that here at The Country Vet we have set our everyday pricing on Heartgard and Frontline, along with many other medications, to meet or beat many online retailers such as 1-800-PetMeds? In addition, when you purchase medications from us you also get extra benefits such as the free dose deals and a 100% manufacturer guarantee which are not offered by the manufacturer on items such as Heartgard when purchased online. This makes buying from your vet the best choice – please think of first when purchasing medications for your pet!

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