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About Us

The Country Vet began in 1981 as a large and small animal practice based in the home of Dr. Jim Codington and his family.  In the late 1980’s Jim turned the focus of his practice toward small animal medicine and slowly transitioned his home into the hospital as it stands today.

Aside from a distinctive pastoral setting, our hospital is unique in that we not only utilize the latest technology and equipment as diagnostic tools, we also offer a variety of alternative therapies and holistic approaches to supplement traditional Western medicine.  This ensures an environment that is constantly integrative of trends from all sides of the veterinary medicine spectrum.

Dr. Codington has created a practice that emphasizes the importance of meeting the needs of each individual patient.  We understand that needs and concerns vary and strive to meet each as they arise.

Our pets are a huge part of our family.  For many of us, especially those who don’t have children, our furry friends are our children.  We understand the bond that exists between pets and their human counterparts.  We will continually strive to strengthen that bond by keeping your pets healthy and happy.

Our Goal

On behalf of The Country Vet family, our mission is to provide our clients with the very best service possible while providing our patients with the deepest compassion, empathy and respect.  We understand the depth of the bond between an animal and its human counterpart and promise to honor that connection with care that is as unique as each individual animal.

For over 33 years, The Country Vet has continued to develop a facility that provides the most technologically advanced tools for diagnosing and treating animal illnesses. In this new era, our approach is to optimize pet’s health and comfort by focusing on the patient as a whole. While we continue our vigilance toward healing, we embrace the trend of disease prevention through the use of alternative therapies.