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Allergy Testing for Itchy Pets

Allergy Testing for Itchy Pets

Itchy, scratchy, allergic pet? Allergy testing may be the answer!

Tired of your pet itching, scratching and licking themselves all the time? Tired of coming into the vet over and over for skin infections, ear infections, hotspots, antibiotics and steroids? Now would be a great time to consider allergy testing.

Why allergy test?

Pets can be allergic to a variety of things and they can make them itch. Usually allergies emerge within the first 2 – 4 years of life but can show up anytime. We test for 83 different antigens including trees, grasses, weeds, flea saliva, dust mites, and molds. Sometimes allergies are seasonal and come and go as thing bloom and shed pollen. Other pets are allergic to things year round. Either way, once the specific allergens are identified we can come up with a way to treat the underlying problem rather than treating symptoms over and over forever.

My pets test is positive – now what?

The good news is that, in addition to injectable treatment, we are now offering an oral drop form of immunotherapy treatment that is easy to give. Previously, therapy was limited to giving injections under the skin which was to nerve-wracking for many of our clients. Now, with the twice per day oral drops, treating your pets allergies is as easy as feeding them every day. Pets usually show improvement within 1 – 3 months after starting immunotherapy.

There are other ways we address allergies, too. If your pets test was positive for a flea or dust mite allergy, for instance, we would work with you to institute a strict flea control regimen and/or good dust mite control in the home. For mild allergies avoidance of the allergen is a good option and is always advised in combination with immunotherapy for severe allergies.

Lastly, it needs to be said that a pet with allergies needs to be managed carefully to avoid a re-emergence of symptoms. Fortunately, if you decide to treating allergies with immunotherapy at home, you will keep on top of all the bothersome effects of allergies without any nasty side effects and hopefully avoid having to come to the vet repeatedly for problems.


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* Allergy testing must be done during a visit with the vet. Normal exam fees apply.


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