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Testimonials for the Country Vet

We are so grateful for all of the love & kind words that our patients and their parents share with us. Here are some stories and reviews from Facebook, Yelp, etc. that may help you in choosing your vet. Reading these personal experiences brings great joy and adds real people (and real fur) to what we do every day.  We’d love to hear from you too at

“I’ve been a client at the Country Vet for over 15 years, spanning the lives of six pets. I’ve seen all of their vets at one time or another and have received nothing less than the best care. From new puppy visits to end of life decisions, there is no one that I trust more than the Country Vet.” Jamee, Novato

5 Stars – “To give you a little background, my girlfriend is a Registered Vet Tech for a specialty animal hospital, so when the check-up time comes, we know a little something about what needs to be done. I’m an administrator for a high caliber retirement home, so I may know a little bit about customer service and procedure. Suffice to say, we both have somewhat exacting standards for our healthcare and the care of our furry, four legged children. I have to say, the Country Vet took those expectations and said “you know what? Let’s exceed them a little”. The front office staff was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. They greeted me, by name, on my FIRST VISIT, knew exactly what I needed to do, and got me into a room ASAP. The medical support staff (it may say “technician”, but they are nurses, just like for humans), were quick, gentle and caring. The doctor (Tim) was knowledgable and engaging. I immediately felt like this was a regular guy that I could relate to, not some stuffy doctor that just wanted to hustle me out. Overall, I have to say that the experience, from entry to bill paying was pleasant and worthwhile. To those reviews about $$$ – it is pricey, but you get what you pay for. Just like you can go to the free clinic and more likely GET a disease than cure one, the same is true for your pet. If you are concerned about price, look into a pet health insurance like Trupanion. We have it, it’s affordable, and it’s a life saver when it comes to that final bill. Overall, kudos to staff at The Country Vet.  You’ve earned another customer for life.” Christian E.

“My name is Yogi (I’m a Pug) and my sister is “Savanna” (an English Mastiff.)  We have been coming to the Country Vet since we were puppies. I am almost 9 years old now! Dr. Kelley takes very good care of us. Savanna LOVES coming to see “her” Dr. Kelley who she out weighs by a ton! She trusts Dr. Kelley and lets her do anything she needs to do to make her better and boy she has needed lots of TLC this year. Most dogs fear going to the vet, but not us. FOUR PAWS UP for The Country Vet and especially to “our” Dr. Kelley. Lots of Licks.” Yogi & Savanna, Marin

“Dr. Jim is the only vet I know who comes close to being like James Herriot. His compassion and use of alternative therapy treatments is amazing. I believe my dog, Fresnel, would not be alive today if it weren’t for Dr. Jim and the friendly, family-oriented staff at The Country Vet. I highly recommend them.” Kandi McCann, Marin

“When it comes to your first born and it’s an animal, more specifically my doggie, I want nothing but the best.  She loves it here even though she has been poked and prodded. She is relaxed and obeys very well.  The staff is wonderful. AC is awesome too.  If you love your furry creature as much as I do I would take he or she here.” Matt C.

“When Karen and I moved to Novato ten years ago, we needed to find a vet for our two cats and retired guide dog, “Linnie”.
At the time my guide was “Roselle”, the now famous hero dog who worked with me to escape Tower One of the World Trade Center when terrorists attacked the complex on 9-11, 2001. Our friends unanimously recommended The Country Vet as their first choice. All of our fur family members have found a GREAT set of docs and a wonderful supporting staff at The Country Vet. During the past ten years we have seen our friends at The Country Vet care for Linnie, my retired guide who passed on July 4, 2002, Roselle who passed in June of 2011, “Fantasia” our retired Guide Dog breeder, “Africa” my current guide dog, and our cats who moved with us from New Jersey and grew old gracefully under the care of Dr. Jim and Dr. Nick. Karen. I have only the highest praise for everyone at The Country Vet. Your pets will get the best care and you will receive the most important thing a veterinarian can offer, the best knowledge and service available.” Michael Hingson, Novato

“When Dr. Jim examined “Joker”, he had a large mast cell tumor, pancreatitis, a skin infection, lethargy, irritability, and a gassy bowel. Today, he is better than he ever has been. He has amazing energy, looks bright, sleeps well, enjoys his long walks, and is a loving dog. Our experience has proven to us that getting your pet checked when you find a lump or other abnormality is critical and that time is not on your side. Don’t wait and hope or delay – but rather, act. We also realize and whole-heartedly value the difference between a vet who heals and a vet who simply treats. At The Country Vet, we have a healer in Dr. Jim Codington. This difference has allowed Joker to continue his life path with us beside him, and with Dr. Jim at the medical helm. We feel incredibly blessed to be under the care of Dr. Jim and his amazing team of med techs and support staff. Without the amazing efforts of the entire staff at The Country Vet, he would most likely not be with us today. Our hearts are full of gratitude and joy.” Kristi, Corte Madera

“Dr. Coddington (and the other doctors here) have been my Veterinarians for over 10 years. I could go on and on as to why they are so amazing. However, I will just say that as long as they are in business, my pets will only receive their care at The Country Vet.” Jennifer T., Marin

“I have been using The Country Vet for over thirty years. I started with Dr. Codington when he was a mobile vet and we had two horses, two dogs, and two cats, and even though we are now down to two dogs, we still have use them as our vet. Jim has always been very compassionate with all my animals and I have always trusted him to give them the best medical care possible. I especially like that he uses alternative medicines, when appropriate, which really helps my older dog. His entire staff is friendly, courteous and helpful and I enjoy working with all the vets in the office. Jim has an exceptional veterinary staff that is also very compassionate with the animals. Over the years I have had numerous dogs and have always felt that The Country Vet has given me the best vet care possible. What impresses me the most, is how much the entire staff cares about not only their patients, but their clients as well. I welcome recommending them to friends because I know they will feel the same as I do about the care they will get for their animals. On a scale of 1 to 10, The Country Vet gets a 10 from me (and Sedona & Fantine, too)!” Louise W., Novato

“I wish everyone could have a vet like Dr. Jim (Codington). He uses a perfect blend of Eastern (Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture) and Western medicine to help animals. Dr. Jim has been instrumental in keeping my spaniel mix, Chelsea, alive after her diagnosis with terminal cancer. Each time we visit, he is honest, kind, supportive and sensitive. Dr. Jim is extremely pro-active in his treatments for cancer. I will be forever grateful that he has given my dog extra time and quality of life. His staff is excellent – always courteous, helpful and ready to go the extra mile for Chelsea and I. My mom, who lives in Southern California was able to finally get help for her Turkish Angora cat who had respiratory problems. Other vets in her area were unable to diagnose the problem. After a 40 minute phone conference with Dr. Jim, my mom had a plan, which worked and now her cat is breathing normally. I recommend this practice wholeheartedly!” Wendy J., Sausalito

5 Stars – “They take great care of my little guy. He has had chronic ear issues for the last couple years and Dr. Jim has made a great improvement. I especially like his holistic approach using Eastern medicine practices.” Kevin Canady

5 Stars – “The Country Vets take great care of my pets. I appreciate their approach to medicine for animals and I especially like how they are focused on quality of life, which helps to limit stress for my kitties and dog. I enjoy visiting their office. My Pets and kids love to give sheep cookies to Toby and Lulu whenever we’re there.” Sonya Basanti Kumar

5 Stars – “We just love Country Vet!!!! All the doctors are very good and I would recommend all of them. My girls Haley and Bernie love Dr. Kat!!!!” Heidi Hammon-Turano

5 Stars – “Doc Coddington is Awesome. And his new Doc Jones saw my little Bently today. He is as great as all the Doc’s at the Country Vet. He is a wonderful addition. Bently will be seeing Doc Jones in the future. I am very very pleased.” Marianne Lambrecht

5 Stars – “I LOVED The Country Vet! …Darling setting in the country, the staff greeted me with smiles when I walked in the door, I was seen immediately by Dr Tim who was SO sweet and compassionate! I brought my kitty Gizmo in thinking he had a hip problem and Dr. Tim discovered that it was a tumor. He took plenty of time with me, at least 30 minutes discussing options. He took a sample and sent it in for tests. He said that he would get back to me by end of week but it was potentially a grim outlook. He called me back when promised and gave me the sad news, he let me sniffle on the phone, and did not rush through the conversation. He treated me like a dear friend as if he had no other clients that day. I brought Gizmo in yesterday and saw Dr Kat and had Gizmo put down. Dr. Kat was amazing… So gentle and sweet. He was very respectful and her assistant was amazing and stayed with us. For such a heartbreaking situation The Country Vet made this easier for my son and I. We want to thank them for their compassion and kind words and look forward to doing business with them in the future. I love my animals and treat them as family and it was awesome that they all felt the same! Love them!” Patty J.

5 Stars – “I’ve been taking my anxious dog to the Country Vet for years.  They are caring and calm and their office is a lovely atmosphere for the animals.  I love that they offer holistic treatments as well as the routine stuff.  Dr. Kat is wonderful with him and keeps him as calm as I can expect (we are at the vet’s office after all)….she is thorough and knows her stuff.” Denise B.

5 Stars – “My name is George. I am a senior Bichon Frise, almost 15 years of age. I live in San Francisco with my sisters
Shirley and Sky, and my baby brother Tripp. Dr. Jim Codington is my doctor. So on August 07, 2013, when I was 13 years old, I was injured by a Groomer in San Francisco during a grooming apt.. When my owners came to pick me up I could not walk. They immediately called my doctor, Dr. Jim. I was rushed from San Francisco to Dr. Jim in Novato with what my owner thought was a broken leg. Dr. Jim and his staff were waiting for me. A lot of tests were performed. Dr. Jim told my owners that I had suffered acute trauma and I was paralyzed. I was in terribly pain and shock. Dr. Jim immediately applied cold laser to my spine, acupuncture with muscle stim and prescription meds. We went home, it was a very long drive home, I hardly remember it, it was a blur. At home we found out the full extent of my injury, not only could I not walk but I lost bowel and bladder function. It was horrible and I was in pain. I had an apt with Dr. Jim on August 09, 2013 and my owners discussed euthanizing me. Dr. Jim said NO, give him some more time and he added more meds. Boy was Dr. Jim right, I started to stand that weekend. Over time with the help of Dr. Jim, medications, cold laser, acupuncture, muscle stim, hydro therapy, Chinese herbs and massage I am now walking and even running on my treadmill and I am in control of my bowel. I still have a little problem with bladder leakage, but it is not a problem. Thank you Dr. Jim for expert and loving care and treatment. You are my hero! Love, George – Thanks to everyone in your office who got me walking again!

5 Stars – “We have been going to The Country Vet for about 7 years now, with three different dogs being treated.  Our dogs have had a variety of complicated health issues, since they are German Shepherd rescues with a lot of history! The entire team could not be more helpful, concerned and skillful in how they help us keep our pets healthy.  We have worked with Dr Jim and Dr Nick from time to time over the years, both of whom are great, but Dr Kat Olsen is our regular vet.  Dr Kat definitely saved our older dog’s life by immediate action when our dog collapsed with pancreatitis, coordinating with the Emergency Vet Clinic in San Rafael (also a wonderful organization).  Dr Kat was there at the end with this same dog some years later, and was compassionate and very caring throughout the process.  She supported our decisions and kept us constantly informed of our options. Dr Kat also resolved a 3 year chronic diarrhea problem with another of our dogs, systematically testing until she figured out that it was an allergy to chicken — which we had been feeding our dog on a daily basis!  With the right dog food, she is now absolutely fine.  One of our dogs is reactive to other dogs and the entire clinic staff work with us to deal with graceful entrances and exits, to avoid direct contact with other dogs. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kat and the entire staff at the Country Vet.  They may not be the cheapest option, but in our view they are certainly worth every cent they charge.” Heather B.

5 Stars – “Amazing vet! I came here after a referral from a friend when I needed a practice that offered a surgical dental procedure for my 13 year old jack russell. Dr. Codington was amazing. He gave my two girls the most thorough exam/consult that they have ever had while explaining everything in detail to husband and I. My girl is now 5 days out and recovering well. If only she didn’t have to wear the cone of shame. I will definitely be back.” Sarah C.

5 Stars – “I have been a client of Jim Coddington’s for over 30 years. My dogs have always been treated well. I love my vet and so do my cocker spaniels. I will not hesitate to recommend him.  Yes, he may retire someday.  Then I’ll be looking for a new vet. Until then I’ll be going to The Country Vet for My Doggy Family Members.” Terry K.

5 Stars – “I discovered on Yelp that The Country Vet was having a February dental cleaning special, so I called and made an appointment for a general exam with Dr. Olsen (who was great) and returned for the cleaning about a month later.  The staff explained the different additional options (blood work, IV fluids, etc.) and helped me to make an educated decision as to whether my dog needed them.  Her teeth look great now and a day later I also discovered that they had trimmed her nails while she was under anesthesia (score!).  The office smells/looks clean and my pup does not recoil in fear when we get there (like she has at other offices)/seemed perfectly happy to follow the staff/leave me in the waiting room.  I would definitely recommend this veterinary practice and will be coming back!” Brie S.

5 Stars – “Country vet is wonderful!…Beautiful outside lawn area and inviting inside. Kat the veterinarian was amazing! She took her time and looked over my dog and was very down to earth and informative. Everyone there was very helpful and kind. Highly recommended!” Kathleen P.

5 Stars – “I’ve been taking my dogs to the Country Vet for 20 years and I’m still thankful for that initial introduction.  From Dr. Coddington to the other doctors, clinicians, and front desk, my pets have always been treated with love, kindness and priority.  I love the ‘East meets West’ philosophy of treatment.  They have seen me (and countless other pet owners) through puppyhood to the painful end of saying goodbye…I would not even consider taking my pets anywhere else…thank you for all the years of putting my mind and heart at ease and I look forward to continuing the cycle of pet life with everyone at the Country Vet!” Jackie L.

5 Stars – “I absolutely love this place! I’ve been going to TCV for 2 1/2 years. Dr. Kelly has taken great care of my two cats; one of which suffers from a bad case of IBD. The staff are wonderful, very helpful and professional. Nurse Pamela is particularly awesome! One of my favorite things about TCV is they have sheep! You can’t go wrong with sheep!!” Molly K.

5 Stars – “LOVE Dr. Coddington!!!! He is very caring, practices alternative and conventional medical care for critters and doesn’t over-do it. We have 3 cats and (previously a dog) who receive care here. We have never had anyone be rude or unpleasant, so not sure what the story is with the previous reviewer. We had two of our cats get very sick and have to stay at the vets for a day or more with IV antibiotics, fluids, etc. They  had caught some horrible cooty from a local cat boarding kennel we had to use when our house wasn’t ready & we had to stay in a hotel that didn’t allow animals. The staff was super caring, friendly and forthright in advance about costs for any tests, etc. always clearing everything with us before beginning. Dr. Coddington called us personally with updates through the whole process (and has done this for multiple other visits – not just for this one very serious incident).  We’ve also had our senior “old man” kitty have serious health and behaviour issues that Coddington was able to work out as well, in addition to the more routine stuff. Dr. Coddington is very good about suggesting all the various options, the associated costs and the pro’s/con’s to doing or not doing each thing. He’s very down-to-earth and fits the image of a “country doc” very well. We haven’t found The Country Vet to be any more expensive than any of the other well-known Vets who have good reputations and popular practices. Adobe in Los Altos was where we went before moving to Marin & the prices seem similar. I’m sure you can find cheaper out there, but we’re willing to pay a bit more for exceptional care which includes extensive knowledge, clean facilities, open to alternative options and someone who is also personable and not pushy. Dr. Coddington treats you with respect and doesn’t have that “You know nothing – I know everything” attitude you can often find with Dr.’s of any type. The one caveat: Make sure to ask for Coddington IF you are seeking someone who understands alternative medicine and is open to different viewpoints. Not all of the vets in this practice have this philosophy. We once had to meet with a younger female vet here and she definitely is on a different page than Coddington and also a different page than us. She had a much more mainstream outlook – straight from the textbook. So if you seek that alternative perspective be sure to get Coddington!” KC C.

5 Stars – “I absolutely love Dr. Jim.  Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you all that so he doesn’t get too busy :-).  Jim has taken care of two of our dogs.  The first, a cranky old doberman that lived until she was 16.  That is really old for a Dobe!  I credit the good care that she received from Jim for some of that. Our second dog was a big beautiful lab who developed a seizure disorder when he was 5.  Jim took care of him with a combination of eastern and western medicine.  Our dog LOVED Jim and was always happy to see him.  When he was very ill toward the end of his life, Jim was always available to us with a heart of compassion.  The office staff, and the other vets (who would sometimes see when Jim was not available) are also wonderful.  I wish I had a MD that was as great as Dr. Jim.” Beth R.

5 Stars – “Dr. Coddington (and the other doctors here) have been my Veterinarians for over 10 years.  I could go on and on as to why they are so amazing. However, I will just say that as long as they are in business, my pets will only receive their care at The Country Vet.” Jennifer T.

5 Stars – “Dr Coddington saved my dogs life.  I am sure of it.  After my 13 year old chow suddenly lost her ability to walk and we had to carry her everywhere we got several diagnoses of some disk or spinal related injury requiring MRI and surgery at a cost of some $3000 by a specialist.  I called Dr. Jim, having treated my dear terrier through her cancer, and asked about alternative treatments.  We brought her in and he used a combination of traditional medicine, chinese herbs and accupuncture.  After the first visit, when she had to be carried on a stretcher, she began to walk, but wobbly.  I got a harness with handle and half carried her.  After the 2nd visit (and he quickly fitted her into his busy practice) she was walking on her own, but very wobbly.  It took a couple of additional treatments, and she is still on meds, but doing great.  Pretty much normal, but we restrict her jumping or fast movements.  They even recommended a different medicine for her incontinence which has worked very well with less side effects.   Expensive?  How much is your pet’s health worth? I find his fees pretty much in line with all good vets and well worth the care they give.  In the case of my terrier with cancer, they managed to fit her in at the last minute when necessary, called with advice and help after hours, and tried everything they could the treat her.  I’ve treated three of my best friends with this practice and highly recommend them. I bred and showed terriers so have a lot of experience with vets throughout Northern California.  It is important to realize that all dogs die eventually.  They don’t live as long as we do and it is hard to let them go.  Sometimes the anger and loss is directed at the vet who could not make them immortal.  But I appreciate the senstive and effective care my pets have received from this clinic and would recommend them to anyone. But you must have an open mind and understand that not every treatment works the same for every pet.  In my case, I was fortunate that my dog has recovered and is leading a quality life for the time she has left.  I realize 13 is a long time for a larger dog to live and when her time comes, I won’t blame the vet that she did not live forever. But rather I am grateful we had as much time with her as we did, and she is not in pain and happy.” Sanda L.

5 Stars – “I wish everyone could have a vet like Dr. Jim (Codington).  He uses a perfect blend of Eastern (Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture) and Western medicine to help animals.  Dr. Jim has been instrumental in keeping my spaniel mix, Chelsea alive after her diagnosis with terminal cancer.  Each time we visit, he is honest, kind, supportive and sensitive.  Dr. Jim is extremely proactive in his treatments for cancer.   I will forever be grateful that he has given my dog extra time and quality of life.  His staff is excellent – always courteous, helpful and ready to go the extra mile for Chelsea and me.   My mom, who lives in Southern California was able to finally get help for her Turkish Angora cat who had respiratory problems.  Other vets in her area were unable to diagnose the problem.  After a 40 minute phone conference with Dr. Jim, my mom had a plan, which worked and now her cat is breathing normally.  I recommend this practice wholeheartedly!” Wendy J.

5 Stars – “I too love Dr. Coddington!!!!  He is a very caring and thorough Vet.  I have a dog who has had alot of issues, I won’t go into them here.  I was referred to Dr. C. by a friend who knew the whole story.  I was amazed, on the initial visit I had proof that mixing Holistic care with Western care really works.  He was able to diagnose 2 issues right off the bat just by feeling my dog’s body. He corilated lumps with accupressure points indicating problems with certain organs.   It took our previous vet many months and unbelievable amounts of testing  & $ to come to the same diagnosis.  (I hadn’t told Dr. C. the “story” yet). I truly love that he mixes Eastern & Western medicine, he combines them both to give you the most effective treatment for your pet. Dr. C is the vet of choice for me, however, I have had emergencies where I had to see various other vets at this office. They were all kind and very thorough. Everyone on this staff seems to really love animals of all kinds.  I can’t say enough. My dog is my baby and I know I could not be placing his care in better hands.” Sandy S.

5 Stars – “Great vet who works at the Country Vet in Novato.  My dog had limited experience with him, but he  treated my dog when he had a very serious condition happen about a year ago and I had no idea what it was.  So, Dr. Morphopoulos came close to an exact diagnosis and referred him to a neurologist without making my dog go through rounds and rounds of tests.  What I’m saying is that he’s a vet who knows his limits and really seemed like he had my dog’s best interests at heart. The staff at Country Vet are very compassionate, friendly and professional.  Plus, they will leave your pet’s prescriptions out front for you to pick up after business hours.” Mary R.

5 Stars – “Amazing. Incredibly knowledgeable staff members, they are welcoming and warm. Another thing I was amazed by is the cost, I’ve been to other vets and for the amount of tests they ran at Country Vet the price in my head was a lot more then $250. Beautiful facilities. Calming, inviting…I would drive from Napa everyday if I had to.” Chili W.

5 Stars – “We just joined The Country Vet and couldn’t be more pleased!! After a negative experience in Southern Marin we knew exactly what we were looking for.  Our dog is usually quite hyper, especially in new environments, but the strangest thing happened when we walked in the door: he laid down calmly on the floor and relaxed!  Everyone who works at this office is warm and friendly and the cozy, home-like environment is very comforting.  Our new vet, Dr. Kat, took at least 30 minutes for our exam and to talk with us.  She was very understanding about our dog being anxious to have his blood drawn and worked with us to make it as easy a process as possible.  We also love how they do not push vaccines and they also practice Eastern medicine.  We are so thankful to have found this practice!!!” La Fuzz J.

5 Stars – “Excellent and friendly care for your pet. We have been going to these wonderful doctors for almost 7 years and they have handled every situation with grace and care. I highly recommend The Country Vet.” Laura P.

5 Stars – “I haven’t written a review since 2008 and what I could write would take up huge amounts of space, needless to say I continue to feel this is one of the best vet groups you can EVER work with. All of the Drs are Davis grads and over the years, I’ve dealt with all 4, so speak from experience that they are extremely professional and caring. Bernese Mountain Dogs unfortunately are prone to a lot of different issues and with two, mine went through everything from digestive challenges to multiple kinds of cancer etc. I have worked cooperatively with them and one of my Berners went to Davis twice too, on their referral, resulting in his beating one cancer completely and having had his life extended significantly *with highest possible quality* after pursuing the second protocol for a second type of disease. Meanwhile he blew out his back knee, and these folks worked with me to review all options, including non-surgical braces and cold laser treatments for inflammation. (which I chose over surgery, a decision they have honored).  They gave me information and opinions, but never pressured me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. And when my other guy had similar malignant hystiocytic cancer but was *not* a good candidate for Davis, and the cancer closed in on him and I had to make the hard call when to let him go, they were completely supportive of that – and me – when the time came. They really are all about quality of life for your pet, and understand when the road has come to an end. After having experienced their support for both types of situations – extending life and ending life when appropriate – I cannot imagine this group not doing ” the right thing” whichever the situation. The fact that they were even willing to take over ownership of the pet in the other post to “save its life” says volumes about how much these folks really care.” Pamela W.

5 Stars – “This is a great place to take your pet, with an office full of friendly and professional doctors, assistants and office staff. They have multiple qualified Drs (all Davis-trained, I believe), and very up-to-date facilities and expertise. I read a favorable review of Dr Kat at Country Vet earlier this year on a review site (not sure it was Yelp as can’t find it again?) after our prior vet retired and we had a pretty sick dog on our hands. We thought surgery might be required and we wanted to make sure we got a very modern facility with solid expertise but knew we also needed a very “human friendly” expert. We called Country Vet and actually got Dr Kat on duty that day. They got us right in and she was very professional but also very warm when dealing with us and our sick Bernese Mountain Dog, who as it turned out, did need to be neutered. And was and recovered nicely. Little did we know how often we would find ourselves back at the vet this year – we have two Berners and the second one became quite ill this past week (we suspected he might have swallowed part of a child’s toy and indeed, that turned out to be the case.)  Unfortunately, xrays are only so helpful and all of us found it less than clear to see exactly what was possibly in his gut – or even if it might come loose and pass all the way through. So we had to weigh the risks of surgery against the hope that we might get lucky . That kind of surgery recovery  is not easy on a dog and every day you wait to do the surgery itself, the risk grows if the dog doesn’t eat. Kat knew we didn’t want to operate on him if we could avoid it, and she gave us some anti nausea meds for him and special food, and thank goodness, over a period of three tense days, xrays every morning and  “group consults” daily, we all managed to dodge the bullet “together”. I can’t tell you how stressful it can be to be worried like that, and how much easier it is when you feel that your vet is well-qualified, understands both the animal and the humans, and is giving you very practical and real advice and relative risks info. She hung in there with us and we now have our dog back to normal, thanks to her good advice and everyone at Country Vet’s great support. A special shout out also to all the warm and friendly office staff and veterinarian assistants that work there too. Great place – we’re lucky to have them right here in Novato. They are a busy practice, but don’t let that deter you, they are very good at trying to get you in quickly if necessary and the care is top-notch.” Pamela W. (same person as above)

5 Stars “Awesome vet with lovely folks at the desk. Dr. Jim is knowledgable, attentive and compassionate. He listens and is totally honest about treatment options and outcomes. My dog Scout actually runs to the front door to get in not out!” Dee W.

5 Stars – “Dr. Jim is a miracle worker – particularly for old and/or dying animals. He has a heart of gold and is such a professional. We found Jim and his team when our 12 1/2 year old German Shepherd mix dog was diagnosed with lymphoma. In her entire life she never entered a vets voluntarily because she was extremely sensitive and could always pick up on the energy of other animals in pain. At The Country Vet she would walk right in with her tail wagging! It is a special place with special people caring for the animals! Dr. Jim created a custom protocol including herbs, acupuncture, and chemotherapy. He was clear that he could not “save” our girl, but he could make her days pleasant up until it was clear her time had come. Indeed, she was swimming, running, playing and eating normally up until a few hours before it was clear her system was shutting down at which time we had to put her to sleep. But she did not suffer and the quality of her life under Dr. Jim’s care did not diminish one bit. Their entire staff was so loving, supporting, flexible, and caring. We are extremely grateful and I highly recommend them in situations like this.” Kimberly F.

5 Stars – “I have been a client of The Country Vet now for almost 10 years. Dr. Jim Codington saw our Sheltie from the time we transition him to raw to the end when he develop cancer at the age of 12 and we have to put him to sleep. His staff was very sensitive to our pain as well as him and proper arrangements were done for our goodbyes and Justin had his final hours relaxed in our arms and we took him home where we buried him. This year I had the wonderful experience to work with Dr. Kat and my cats (yes she is Dr. Kat the CAT whisperer!!) She saved my beautiful Quail from a horrible liver infection and pancreatitis. She is confident, savvy, she listens and more important – she is totally a cat person. I love the way she works and cares for my guys and I owe her saving my boy Quail. All the staff is cordial and helpful. Best Veterinary practice in the area. OH and did I mention they are Holistic too? I mean what else can you ask for !!” Vanessa P.

5 Stars – “I breed and show Abyssinian cats.  I recently needed a local resource for acupuncture, homeopathy & Asian medicine to use in rehabilitating a kitten whose mother had done extrensive nerve damage to his left front leg in a misguided attempt to move him “to safety.”  Dr. Cheri Nielson at PESCM did  a phenomenal job of surgically repairing his torn up chest, but his left front leg required extensive PT to help in the restoration of proper nerve enervation & range of motion. I did a search and found Dr. Coddington at The Country Vet.  He is just “off the charts” amazing at what he does.  I couldn’t be more impressed, more pleased & more grateful for the job he is doing to restore Roadrunner’s ability to move freely, and I’m hard to impress.  I have searched long and hard for my veterinary resources, this clinic, and this doctor, were the last pieces of the puzzle. So I would recommend both Dr. Coddington, and his clinic, without reservation.  I have not found the prices to be overly expensive – practicing cutting edge medicine is never an inexpensive proposition, and we have all been largely sheltered from the realities of this by insurance.  Well – that would be up until recently … But seriously, this is an amazing resource for anyone who appreciates an Integrative approach to both the treatment of illnesses, and the preservation and restoration of health.  I’m a tough critic of the medical/veterinary profession .. and the treatment that Roadrunner has received from Dr. Jim – and his clinic – has been everything that a Mother Would Wish.” Suzie K.

5 Stars – “I first met Dr. Nick in February 2006, when my little Troi had swallowed a rock that was lodged in her stomach.  Dr. Nick said he doubted it would pass through the intestines, which it did.  Troi had been my mom’s dog, and I would have done anything to keep her alive.  Dr. Nick performed surgery to remove the rock which included removing a large part of her intestines.  It was a rough couple of weeks including me giving shots, water and food by hand before she was back to her old self.  Troi died from old age and her picture can still be seen among the ribbons that are displayed in the on site Sanctuary.  Ironically, one year later my mom’s cat swallowed a piece of cork that Dr. Nick also removed from his intestines.  Riker is now eighteen years young and still going, being on thyroid medicine for the last two years.  My beloved Border Collie, Riley, started to have heart problems in his later years which Dr. Nick faithfully maintained.  When it was time for Riley to pass (seventeen years old) Dr. Nick set up a Nurse to come to my home to send him off to heaven.  Riley decided it was his time to go and passed away in my bed before the Nurse came.  I received a hand written note from Dr. Nick conveying his condolences with both Troi and Riley – who does that?  I now have a happy home of four loving canines and one feline which all been attended to by Dr. Nick over the past years.  I have lived in Novato for over forty-five years and have searched for a Vet who has vast knowledge and compassion and finally found that with The Country Vet.  I often joke that if I ever needed surgery I would request Dr. Nick as my Surgeon knowing he would be the one I could rely on to pull me through.  Thank you, Dr. Nick, for all the wonderful, loving care you have given not only to my loved ones but to me, as well.” Julie L.

5 Stars – “This has to be THE best vet office I’ve gone to in all my years of having animals. I don’t understand what the other reviewers are talking about when they say they’re expensive. I have had my share of sick dogs and cats there and they always give me estimates for the treatment options and then work hand in hand with me to tailor the treatments to my budget. Also, I’ve been to two other vets in Marin since living here and I can say that they are no more expensive than the others. In fact their teeth cleanings are cheaper than both other places I’ve gone (my cat Luigi has terrible teeth!). One of the other great things about this place is the super sweet and genuine staff. Everyone is SO nice! The vets have been great.. so far I’ve seen Dr. Nick and Dr. Kat. I think they have two other vets too? Oh, and one last thing that’s cool, but not really related to their service, is that they have two sheep out front and the front office gives my kids sheep cookies so they they can feed them a treat as we leave. Too cute!” S. Elizabeth D.

5 Stars – “We owe our dog’s life to Dr. Kat and the wonderful staff of The Country Vet. We started going to the country vet just over 3 years ago when we moved to Novato. We had 2 dogs at the time. Sadly, last year we lost our boxer to natural causes. Our other dog became very ill after the loss of our boxer – who knows why, we think partly due to grief.  After tests, he was diagnosed with an inflammatory joint disease. It got to the point that he could barely stand up and walk. My husband had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom. We could not believe that there was a chance that we were going to loss our other dog within weeks of losing our boxer. Dr. Kat suggested we try acupuncture along with an eastern medicine herb. We were at the time using western medicine but it was doing the complete job. We started off with a session every week and within a month we could see a difference. He is now doing a session every couple months for maintenance.  Dr. Kat was very loving and compassionate with our guy as if it were her own dog. 6 months later, he is running and playing in the dog park with other little monkeys. We cannot say enough about this amazing group of people. From the moment we walk in the door, until we leave… the staff is genuine. They really care about you and your pets. My husband and I have had pets all of our life and have never met a better group of people to take care of us then TCV.” Mimsi T.

5 Stars – “We recently started taking our pets to the Country Vet.  That includes a very active Border Collie and two Cats.  They have never behaved better at a vet office.  The location is more like a home.  It was peaceful from the moment I drove up through the entire first visit.  They sensed that too.  The reason we moved our brood to The Country Vet’s care is due to the outstanding care level they have provided friends who recommended them.  They told us about the advanced diagnostics equipment they use and that they cost no more than other Marin vets.  That has been our experience now too.  If you need a vet, if your best friend needs special care, look into the Country Vet.  There is a difference.” Marty R.

5 Stars – “Dr. Jim is amazing. I have been seeing him with all my animals since 2005. He is smart, empathetic and a great listener. I have had a terminally ill cat under his car as well as a large breed with a very hard to diagnose hip problem. He is amazing and a gift to our community.” Wanda G.

5 Stars – “Dr. Nick Morphopoulos is a great veterinary doctor. He has taken care of my dogs and cats for over 20 years. He does a very thorough job and has a special talent for treating animals. He is very ethical and honest. I highly recommend Dr. Morphopoulos for all your animal needs, if I trust him you should also.” Kelly S.

5 Stars – “We just had a great experience with this practice.  Our Chihuahua is very difficult and she has been kicked out of other practices for being a biter.   They handled her without a problem.  I called with an urgent problem and they did dental surgery the same day.

We found the staff to be very friendly, and they seem to really love the animals. The bottom line is that the prices were fair, the results great, and I will return without hesitation. The Country Vet is the real deal.”

5 Stars – “We were tipped off a couple of years ago, by a close friend, about Dr. Jim Codington and the Country Vet as she knew that we wanted to give our beloved dog the best of both worlds i.e. traditional and alternative treatment methods. The initial problem was arthritis, and Dr Jim recommended, bi-monthly acupuncture and cold laser therapy treatments, after the first month “our little boy” was bounding up and down the steps from our house to the beach, something he had been unable to do the previous year. Last year, while we were at our ranch in the mid west ,June thru September, our boy contracted lymphoma, this was diagnosed by Dr. Jim on our return, it had spread to his liver. Due to our boys age (fifteen) Jim stated to us that he would be more comfortable with a holistic approach, as in his opinion, our dog would have a better quality of life for his remaining days. We were unsure of what to do, but decided, in the end, to go both the holistic and traditional (chemotherapy) routes. Although Dr. Codington has an excellent reputation for his chemo treatments, he referred us to the best oncologist in the Bay Area and we have continued to go to him, at The Country Vet, for weekly acupuncture, homeopathic and Chinese herbal treatments. Although, unfortunately, our dog has never been in complete remission, he has had absolutely no side effects from the chemo treatment and has had a good quality four months of life. We know our best friend will be leaving us soon, but I wanted to express my gratitude to Dr.Coddington and his staff for going the extra mile at all times, by way of this review.” Dave J.

5 Stars – “Dr Codington & his staff at The Country Vet are excellent!  We always get very caring and competent service for our pets.  He’s a little pricey but we feel he’s worth it. The office provides a full range of services including surgery, sophisticated diagnostics and alternative medicine. We have been going to him for 20+ years.  Currently, we have 3 Golden Retrievers and 4 cats so you can imagine we need vet services!  There is a warm and therapeutic feeling to his office that seems magical.  On our last visit, our very old outdoor cat, Ciao had stopped eating for a week, lost a lot of weight and was very weak.  We were prepared to accept the worst and did not want to do heroics but by the time we left his office, Ciao had perked up and 2 days later was eating and on the road to recovery! When needed, Dr Codington and Dr Kelly were especially comforting in Hospice for the last days with our very loving 16 y/o arthritic and senescent Lab – Nikki. Although his office is very busy at times, his staff is cheerful and considerate.” Lee C.

5 Stars – “We are the proud owners of a very large breed and with that large breed comes large food bills, large repair bills (for puppyhood) and of course large vet bills. Our baby girl has presented us and the Country Vet with some very complex issues.  Dr. Kelley has been there for us day and night.  The Country Vet’s office staff and vet techs have all been wonderful to our baby.  Today, she is a very healthy and happy girl thanks to Dr. Kelley & Co. We are extremely satisfied with the care and love we receive at the Country Vet.  As with everything else, you get back what you pay for.” FOUR PAWS UP !!!! J.C.

5 Stars – “We have always received timely, caring, excellent treatment and service from all the vets and staff at The Country Vet (aka Codington DVM).  With 3 dogs & 3 cats, we see them quite a bit!  We particularly appreciate that the vets educate us on the options and respect the choices that fit our values best.” L.B.

5 Stars – “We visited the Country Vet after finding Dr. Codington’s name on a holistic website.  Our dog had a chronic back problem that other vets have been unable to fix.  Using acupuncture and herbs, she is almost like new!  The facility is located in a beautiful setting, and the staff is exceedingly kind.  We’re so happy we’ve found them!” Kim D.