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Meet TCV’s Wonder Pet, Daisy!

Meet TCV’s Wonder Pet, Daisy!

We hope you enjoy the first story in our “Wonder Pets” series, where we celebrate true stories of pet health triumphs here at The Country Vet.


Meet Daisy, a Boston Terrier from Novato…

Daisy, an active and happy 9 year-old Boston Terrier, was a regular patient at The Country Vet for many years. She came in only for routine check-ups, but this time it was serious.

Dr. Kat Olson recalls the visit: “Daisy arrived with her legs rigidly extended and was unable to move her legs or her neck. I examined her and suspected a herniated disc.”

Daisy was a great candidate for acupuncture

“She was perfectly mentally aware and terrified of her situation,” said Dr. Kat. In between calls to specialists, I performed acupuncture on Daisy, which has long been shown to treat pain and improve neurologic function.* She had just been playing fetch in my uncle’s yard the day before,” Michael McCabe explained to Dr. Kat. “She was happy and active as usual. Then suddenly, she stumbled and just couldn’t get up.”

According to other specialists, Daisy’s prognosis wasn’t good.

Following her acupuncture treatment, Daisy was placed back in her padded kennel on her side, still fully paralyzed. While she rested, Dr. Kat received the bad news from one of the specialists: Daisy’s prognosis wasn’t good, even with surgery. To make matters worse, Daisy wouldn’t be to see a neurologist until 10am the next day.

Then, the unexpected happened.

“Imagine my surprise when I opened the kennel door and Daisy ran past me!” said Dr. Kat. “She sprinted about five feet before stumbling, then I reexamined her to make sure she hadn’t worsened her injury with the very unexpected sprint.” Dr. Kat performed a neurological exam and found Daisy was now able to stand up and take steps.

Surgery or… acupuncture?

Both Dr. Kat and Michael were so pleased with her improvement with acupuncture, that Michael decided against the surgery and instead returned the next day with Daisy for more acupuncture. Daisy returned to The Country Vet for weekly acupuncture treatments for the following three weeks.

Daisy continues to show improvement, and even begs to play fetch again!

While Daisy has some persistent weakness in her right front leg, she can walk and play normally again.


A special thanks to Michael McCabe for sharing his story, to Dr. Kat’s caring and attentive veterinary skills, and to Daisy for being our brave and mighty Wonder Pet of the Month!

* You can read the JAVMA study on acupuncture for treating pain and improving neurologic function here: