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Pet Health Insurance

Pet Health Insurance

Every day clients ask us “which pet insurance do you recommend?”. That’s a tough question because, just like human medical insurance, coverage options and people’s experiences vary greatly. Overall, we see many clients benefit financially from having insurance for their pets and therefore do recommend that our clients look into their options.

While we do not recommend any one particular insurance company over the other here are a few that we see quite a bit and have had positive feedback on:

Trupanion,  VPI,  Embrace

If you already have pet insurance, here are some tips…

Always bring in a claim form to each appointment

Tell the front desk or vet you have the form when you check in. By doing this you will likely be able to walk out the door at the end of your visit with a completed form and extra copy of your invoice and be ready to submit your claim when you get home

Unfortunately, we are not able to fax claim forms to the insurance company for you but we will be happy to fax any pertinent medical records to them upon their request

If you have forgotten your form at the time of a visit you may either email, fax or mail us a copy to complete and return to you. Please keep in mind that forms received after the fact may take up to two weeks to be completed and sent back to you

We are unable to back date or change medical records in any way in order for claims to be covered. Please understand that it is against the law and our code of ethics to alter medical records for any purpose


If you are thinking about getting pet insurace…

Pet insurance can be a blessing or a curse. The majority of our clients absolutely love their insurance plans and find it easy to use. Some of our clients, however, have complained that companies give them the run-around regarding paying for claims or exclude conditions that they feel should be covered. The big thing to remember is to research the plans very carefully before you sign up. Some plans only cover emergencies while others cover routine care as well. Of course, there is also a big range in cost depending on what you want covered. Another thing to think about is whether your pet already has had a condition that may be excluded from coverage. Most insurance companies have customer service reps that will be happy to discuss the details.


Some things to remember:

All insurance companies require that you pay your veterinarian directly and then get reimbursed from them. This means that you don’t have to worry about a vet “taking your insurance” or not. You can get care from anyone at any time no matter where you are

Research the plans before you sign up and check to see what conditions or treatments are covered

Sometimes insurance companies underwriters will deny your claim. On occasion you can appeal their decision and still get reimbursed

Unlike human medical practices we do not have a department for handling insurance issues. All logistics must be taken care of by you although we are happy to supply them with records upon their request


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