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What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is designed to stabilize an unstable joint and strengthen injured ligaments. In cases with chronic arthritis wherein the joint is unstable, Prolotherapy may be helpful. PLEASE NOTE: This procedure is not recommended for complete ligament tears.

Prolotherapy works by the same process that the human body naturally uses to stimulate the body’s healing system, a process called inflammation. The technique involves the injection of a proliferant (a mild irritant solution) that causes an inflammatory response which “turns on” the healing process. The growth of new ligament and tendon tissue is then stimulated. The localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, resulting in the deposition of new collagen, the material that ligaments and tendons are made of. New collagen shrinks as it matures which tightens the ligament that was injected thereby making it stronger. To further enhance the effectiveness of the technique, Dr. Codington injects numerous acupuncture points around the affected joint as well.


How long has The Country Vet been performing Prolotherapy?

In 2002, Dr. Jim Codington read about Prolotherapy in a human medical journal called “Alternatives in Medicine”. He has been performing the procedure since then with great success.


How do I know if Prolotherapy is right for my pet and how long does the procedure take?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Codington. This appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes. Dr. Codington will perform an initial comprehensive physical examination on your pet. If you are a new client, please bring with you any previous medical records on your pet. Prolotherapy is performed under sedation so you will leave your pet with us for the day. Some pets are sore for 24-48 hours, but most are back to themselves within 24 hours. After the initial Prolotherapy treatment, a repeat treatment is recommended 1 month later. Treatment plans are created on a case-by-case basis.


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