Do Pets Grieve?

Often times, when there is a death in the family, pet owners may notice some changes in the pets that are left behind. Pets observe every change in a household and are bound to notice the absence of a companion. Our furry friends often form strong attachments to one another, and the survivor of such a bond may seem to grieve for her companion.

She may become clingy, aloof, lethargic, or lose her appetite. It is these outward signs that allow us to believe that pets grieve for their friends.

If your pet shows signs of grief from the loss of a family member (furry or human), provide her with more attention and affection. Engage her in a favorite activity. If she enjoys human company, invite friends she likes over to spend time with her. Hide toys or treats for her to find throughout the day.

You are both enduring a great loss and the grieving process is normal and natural.

Pet Sanctuary 

When visiting The Country Vet, you may have noticed a smaller house adjacent to the main building. This space of reflection is what we call your ‘Animal Sanctuary’ or ‘Sanctorum Animale’. Feel free to spend some time here – write about your furry friends in our book of memories, bring a picture or poem, light a candle, or burn incense. No need to inform us of your visit, just stop by and spend as much time as you would like. It is here for you, open for use during business hours.

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