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We adopted Bean when he was only a few weeks old from one of our clients, Pam, who found him and his 2 tiny sisters in her yard. Pam brought them in for us to examine and we fell in love with the little black and white kitten. (One of our other clients, Nelda, who happened to be in the reception area at the time took home the other 2!) Bean is a friendly guy and is often found greeting our clients at their cars. When he isn’t socializing, he can be found upside-down in his bed in the reception area.


“Charlotte” and “Gracie”

charlotte2 gracie

These two gorgeous long hair cats came to us from our technician Ali. It took them a while to get used to living at a vet hospital but now that they are acclimated, they get into everything!



Lulu was born in 2004 at a sheep ranch in West Petaluma with a bum rear leg. The rancher placed a splint on her leg and housed her in the safety of his barn in the hopes her leg would heal. Unfortunately, it didn’t heal properly and she was left with a limp, making her prime picking for predators. We heard about her story through a client of ours and adopted her within a few days. We took x-rays of her leg and found her limp was caused by congenital problems and was not fixable. Today, you may not even notice her limp! She is a such a gentle soul with the sweetest face. She LOVES being fed sheep treats! (ask us for a few treats to feed her the next time you’re in!)



Toby was born in 2005 as a ‘bummer’ lamb. The term ‘bummer’ means the mother abandoned her lamb which can happen for many reasons. We were in search of a friend for Lulu and put the word out to the local sheep ranchers. We got Toby when he was just days old and immediately began bottle-feeding him. What an endeavor that was! Young lambs need to be fed every few hours so we all took turns bringing him home (some of us letting him lay on the couch with us!) He was a joy to raise and when the time came for us to introduce him to Lulu, she embraced him with a gentle maternal instinct. Today, he is a happy and healthy sheep!