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Jim Codington, DVM

Dr. Codington graduated from UC Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine in 1980. He established The Country Vet in 1981, which back then, meant working out of his home. In the early 1990’s, the clinic outgrew its small space in his home, so Dr. Codington moved out and converted his home into the clinic as you know it today.

Jim is a firm believer in holistic medicine. He practices a number of alternative therapies such as acupuncture, Chinese herbs and homeopathy. One of Jim’s professional interests is alternative treatments for pets with cancer.

Jim loves the outdoors, and can be found enjoying activities such as nature photography, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, camping, traveling, reading, camping, scuba diving or skiing.

Jim has 5 cats: Poncho, Chica and Sassy, who live at home with him, and resident TCV cats Tiger and Bean. He also has a wonderful border collie named Ruby who accompanies him work every day.

Nick Morphopoulos, DVM

Dr. Morphopoulos (“Dr. Nick”) finished veterinary school at UC Davis in 1993. After graduating, he interned at University of Pennsylvania for 1 year specializing in small animal medicine and surgery. In late 1994, Dr. Nick joined The Country Vet team.

Nick enjoys the variety of challenges that internal medicine presents as well as treating those nasty recurrent ear infections.

A little known fact about Nick: he is an avid motocrosser and mountain biker. When he’s not in the hills on either of his bikes, he’s probably kite surfing on the coast or skiing in the Sierras. We’ll never forget The Country Vet ski trip a few years ago – we all arrived at the top of the hill together, looked at each other and said, “Let’s go!” – and before we could even push off the snow, Nick was halfway down the hill. We joke about how he had jets strapped to his skis!

Nick has a sweet standard poodle named Marcello and a calico kitty named Fanny who he claims is the fluffiest kitty to have ever walked the face of the earth.

Kathleen Olson, DVM


Dr. Olson (“Dr. Kat”) graduated from UC Davis in 2005 and began her veterinary career at a specialty practice in Modesto, California. Kat is also a local girl. She decided to leave Modesto and move closer to home (lucky for us) and joined The Country Vet in 2006. 

Kat shares her happy household with 2 dogs, Robby and Mina and 3 cats, Jeffrette, Kinky and Monty.

Kat enjoys reading, collecting antiques, and roaming the hills of Marin. She shares her happy household with too many dogs and cats, along with a variety of chickens and other creatures.

Winston Vickers, DVM

( Bio Coming Soon )